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The media is an auxiliary apparatus for conveying a message , so does in the process of learning . The media learning is a tool to give a stimulant for learners of learning process to occur . In addition , the media also can be defined as a receptacle for disbursing messages from a source of messages ( educator ) to target or the recipient of a message ( learners ) . Meanwhile , a learning process is understood as a process of communication between teachers as introductory amessage with and students as the recipient of a message . Message that is transmitted by a tutor in the form of the subject matter later is poured into a symbol or symbols verbal nonverbal communication as well as good . The use of the media is intended to achieve the purpose of learning a predetermined optimally .

ng KA�@ K.@`H� ct is seen by comparing test score between experiment class that use KIM method, and control class that use conventional, and also the efficiency of time used to understanding lesson. Based on data analysis found descriptively, it can be concluded that KIM song in teaching ad learning of mathematic in earlier stages give effect positively. This can be seen from comparison of test score between two classes.


enes� h@`H� in scope and different areas.


est �� ad@`H� n test as well as analysis calculations grain matter. In addition, this learning system develop with the capality evaluation system (examination) multi- user, where the implication of online exams can be done together at one time. 


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Media, Proses, Pembelajaran dan Komunikasi

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